Friday, July 18, 2014

Vegas Bound!

Happy Friday, friends! I can't believe how quickly this week has gone by. I hope it's been a quick one for you too. I am thrilled to be headed to Vegas this weekend. There will be a little work, a little play and a lot of fun. Of course the hardest part will be the packing, something I never look forward to.

I will be traveling through next Friday so chances are, things will be a little quiet around here next week. But don't fret, I'll be sharing my experiences on instagram so feel free to follow along! Have a lovely weekend and until we meet again, cheers!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 Products I Can't Wait to Try

Happy Friday Eve, y'all! I can't believe the weekend is upon us. This week has flown by! I have been so busy these days, I'm behind on my shopping, however, that hasn't stopped me from making a list of a few products to try. I've been in search of some new hair products lately and these items are at the top of my list. Have you tried any of them?

I've heard such great things about this product and I can't wait to try it. 
I can definitely benefit from some keratin! 

Again, I've heard nothing but great things about this product. And as a matter of fact, it has 72 five star reviews at Nordstrom. That's gotta account for something, right?

I've actually had this product in my repertoire before but for whatever reason, I never used it much. I've decided to give it another try to see if it makes a difference. 
A heat protectant is always a great idea, right?

Any thoughts on these products?  I plan to give them all a try. I'll let ya know what I think! 
Have a great Thursday, dolls. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CC Who?

If I'm being totally honest here, I haven't bought in to the whole BB and CC cream business. For the longest time, I didn't even know what they were. I really didn't give them a second thought. It was almost like I was ignoring them because I love my Marc Jacobs Genius Gel so much. But, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take the plunge. I skipped right over the BB creams and went straight for a CC. On recommendation from my lovely Mama, who seems to be telling me about a lot of cool stuff these days, I gave this CC cream a try. 

I started out wearing it on boat days. Those are days that I want nice coverage with an SPF but not that caky makeup feeling. I tried the Light/Medium color and I gotta tell ya, it is a beautiful color and one I can most likely wear year round. 

Typically I apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush but this one I just used my fingers. I didn't feel like I had to use a lot of this either, definitely a plus. Did I mention it's organic? Bonus!

By the end of the day, I still felt like I had great coverage and I wasn't overly dry or oily. It seriously didn't move all day. That's probably my biggest complaint with the Genius Gel. When it's hot and humid, it slides and by the end of the work day, my coverage is definitely fading. And, it's right at 50 bucks. This CC cream weighs in at 15 bucks a pop, another point in the win column. So let's break it down...

Affordable: Check
Provides Good Coverage: Check
Contains SPF: Check
Organic: BONUS!
Not dry or oily: Check

This is a winner, ladies! Another trusted drug store product! I give this product an A+ in my book. Don't get me wrong, I'm not throwing in the towel on my Genius Gel Foundation. But, it's always good to have a second option, don't you agree? 

What's important to you in a CC cream? Have you given this one a try? What are your thoughts?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Newest Obsession

Hey, hey! It's Friday! What a week it's been. As I've hinted around here and there, my new job is keeping me busy which doesn't leave much time for blogging. BUT, I'm working on getting better orgazined so I can keep bringing you content that you (hopefully) enjoy. Whew, felt like I had to address that! Now on with today's post.

A few months ago, I was introduced to Alex & Ani. I know I'm behind the curve on this one but my obsession with these bangles is so severe, I have to share with you...even if these darling bracelets are old news to you!

I mean, like I needed something else to collect but seriously, how fun are these bangles? I first ordered the "S" initial, quickly followed by the Coast Guard bangle--a nod to my brother who is currently serving in the USCG, the anchor--for obvious reasons and just last weekend I took advantage of the free shipping offer and ordered the oyster.
Alex & Ani

Of course I want all of the bracelets in the Seaside Collection and a few others. 
What about you? Are you an Alex & Ani lover too?

Have a great weekend, dolls! I hope it's fantastic!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Recent Favorites A La Design Darling

Happy Friday Eve, friends! It's been another busy week and by the infrequency of my blog posts lately, I'm sure you can tell how busy I've been. I finally found some time to do a little online browsing and decided to put together a list of a few faves to share with you. If you've dropped by Design Darling recently, you know they have some adorable items, some of which have already sold out. Sad face. But that's ok...hopefully they'll be back in stock soon. Until then, they shall reside on my wish list!

I love anything nautical so naturally this pillow, matches and bottle opener immediately caught my eye. What a great addition they would be to my nautical collection! You know this southern girl loves anything monogrammed and who wouldn't love to drink coffee out of a monogrammed mug?!? Sadly, the "East Coast Girls Are Hip" print is sold out but as soon as it's back in stock, it's mine! And how fun are these earrings and necklace? Navy is pretty much my favorite color and what a lovely combination navy and turquoise makes. This necklace is not only pretty but versatile as well, making it another winning accessory! Wouldn't you agree?
Design Darling Favorites

So what do you think of my favorites? Will any of these items wind up on your favorite list? Make it a fantastic Thursday, y'all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Perfect Vanity

Dreaming up my perfect vanity is probably one of the easiest things I've done lately. Getting ready to greet the day in a space that makes you happy can only mean your day is destined to be fantastic! When One Kings Lane asked me to participate in their Reflect Your Style Campaign, I was all in. Perusing their site to curate my prized vanity was down right delightful! A vintage mirror, peonies and a darling lamp are right up my alley. I can only imagine the inspiration this space would give me on a daily basis! So without further adieu, take a look at my creation...

My Perfect Vanity :: Part 2
Yves Saint Laurent metallic lipstick / Alabaster lighting / Handmade home decor / Desk / Chanel perfume / Ecru Amalia Side Chairs, Pair | A Hint of Mint | One Kings Lane / Carved & Etched 1940s Mirror | One Kings Lane

Are you loving this look as much as I am? This one is getting pinned for future reference! What elements make up your perfect vanity? Pops of color? Neutrals? I'd love to know! Have a great Wednesday, dolls!