Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'll Have the Burger, Please!

Last Saturday night, I had the pleasure of trying the Burger at this cute little place in West Midtown. You may have heard of it, it's called Bocado. It's tucked away on a little sliver of real estate right where Howell Mill meets Marietta Blvd. The space is industrial, yet  intimate, with a darling patio that will be perfect in the fall. We arrived around 8:30pm and to my surprise, we were seated immediately. I think it was shear luck considering how busy they were. After choosing a waiter-recommended bottle of pinot noir and a trio of artisanal cheeses with creative garnishes, it was time to decide on a main dish. Of course, I was conflicted because everything sounded so good (a common problem for me). Bocado has gained a following because of their burger. It's almost legendary. Although I didn't have a deep hankering for a burger, I felt it was only appropriate to try it. It was a tough decision but boy am I glad I took the plunge! The Bocado Stack Burger is made up of three types of organic house ground meat, american cheese, house made pickles and mayo. Simple, yet delicious. The burger is served on Holman & Fitch ( breads and is accompanied by fries seasoned with garlic and parsley, served with a dill remoulade for dipping. I can say with confidence, it is the BEST burger I've ever had. It tasted like a burger should taste. It was a purely delicious and flavorful burger without all the junky fillers. I was full after finishing it but didn't feel like it was sitting heavy on my tummy, and you know what that means..."Room for dessert?" Why, yes! Since I'm still celebrating my birthday, we opted for the house made chocolate cake with chocolate icing between the oh so moist layers. Absolutely delish and worth every calorie!
If you have a craving for a great burger, or even if you don't, you gotta try Bocado. Their commitment to sustainable foods is refreshing and as always, commendable. They have plenty of small plates and main dishes to choose from. Next time, I'm going to try the flat iron steak or the fish dish. I believe their menu changes seasonally but the burger is a mainstay. See the quick snap shot below, taken just before it disappeared!
Excellent food and great service. Bocado, 887 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318 404.815.1399 
Bocado Atlanta

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