Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun Adventures in Curacao: Part 2

Now for Part 2: On Tuesday in Curacao, we visited the very cool Ostrich Farm. This was an awesome experience! The Ostrich Farm is located just down the road from the Aloe Vera Plantation. It's easy to see both in one day (See earlier post: Fun Adventures in Curacao: Part 1). Like the Aloe Vera Plantation, this farm is also 100% waste free. Very impressive. They have emus, ostriches, pigs, roosters, and crocodiles. These animals are all treated extremely well...probably better than you and I! We took the tour given by Alexander who was not only funny but also very knowledgable. We really enjoyed him! We saw ostriches of all ages, watched some brave Dutch people ride the ostriches, held an ostrich egg and even stood on an infertile one to demonstrate how strong and sturdy the shell is. Ostriches aren't the smartest animals out there but they sure are fun to play with! For your viewing pleasure, check out the video below. I had the opportunity to feed two young ostriches at the same time. I wasn't really sure what to expect but it was super fun, indeed! Clearly, they were more interested in the food than me! 

Our guide, Alexander. He was awesome!

Brave Dutchman riding one of the Ostriches!

Hey Buddy!

Standing on an infertile ostrich egg.

Holding the infertile ostrich egg. It was quite heavy!

This was a great way to spend the afternoon while taking a break from my beloved sunshine. It was truly an adventure, especially if you consider the almost head-on collision and the almost flat tire we got on the way. Thankfully, we found a run down tire shop just up the road from the Ostrich Farm and the owner was so kind to fill up our tires. I wanted to get out to take some better pictures but the husband didn't think it was a good idea. I snapped this quick pic from the car...

Random place where we were able to snag some air for the tires. 

Our rental car. They gave us a free upgrade...for an automatic.
I think the manual would have been better! 
This was before we left on our adventure. 

What a day! I hope you enjoyed this recap. As always, thanks for reading. 

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated in any way by the Aloe Vera Plantation, Ostrich Farm or Curacao Tourism Board. 

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