Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun Adventures in Curacao: Part 3

You all know how much I love food and the husband loves it just as much. Lucky me! Because of that, food experiences are always a very big part of our travels. Curacao was no exception. In Curacao, we had some absolutely amazing and exotic food! All the restaurants we visited were wonderful but our very favorite place was Landhuis Misje, hands down. I stumbled upon this place on the internet with the help of TripAdvisor. Landhuis Misje is located in Westpunt, just a few minutes from where we were staying. It is literally a wide spot in the road. I adore places like this! So unassuming, yet so delightful. We walked in and instantly felt like we were dining in our best friend's back yard. This place is intimate, romantic and peaceful all wrapped up in one. The restaurant is basically a house with most of the interior comprised of the kitchen. There are no tables inside the house. All the tables are outside in the back yard or on a covered patio. Before heading out for dinner, we had an appetizer of local meats and cheeses and therefore didn't choose an appetizer at the restaurant. For starters, I had the homemade sangria, which was wonderful and the husband had an Amstel Bright Beer (a Dutch Caribbean beer only available in Southern Caribbean Islands). We had two rounds before dinner came as everyone on this island is on island time, which I love! :) I hate when meals are rushed. I love to linger! For dinner, I opted for the perfectly grilled shrimp in a spicy garlic pesto, accompanied by fresh green, red and yellow bell peppers, served with basmati rice. The pesto was so exotic and the ingredients were so fresh, the flavors jumped around in my mouth, creating a beautiful medley for my taste buds. I couldn't get enough! The husband had the evening special which was a goat stoba (very similar to a stew), with fresh veggies and herbs, served with coconut rice. This dish was equally delicious! For dessert, we went with the homemade flan, a recommendation from our sweet server. Delish! It was love at first bite, and we knew that we must come back before leaving Curacao. We made reservations that night for Friday evening. Photos from our first visit...

Our local meat and cheese plate with Pinot Noir before heading to dinner,
put together by the husband

Wide spot in the road

Goat Stoba Main Course

Grilled Shrimp Main Course

Flan Dessert

Back side of the restaurant/house

Happy Girl!

The second time we visited Landhuis Misje, we again had the homemade sangria and Amstel Bright Beer. Since we knew how delicious our dinner would be, we ate very little during the day so we could indulge! We started with Oxtail Stew which is listed on the menu as something you should "try before you die." The husband and I completely agree! It was like nothing I've ever had...hearty, tender and full of flavor. This oxtail was fresh from Argentina and is delivered weekly to the restaurant. We basically fought over it! In addition to the oxtail stew, we also had the bruschetta. It included simple ingredients that together, sparked an explosion of flavors. I will definitely try to duplicate it in my own kitchen.
For the main course, I had the Piska con Coco which was grouper and veggies cooked in a savory coconut and tomato sauce, served with coconut rice. In one word, it was: heavenly! The husband had the Keshi Yena, Version # 27. This dish consisted of oven baked pasta with tender beef stew, raisins, onion, garlic, thyme, gouda and pecorino cheeses. It was an excellent combination of flavors and very savory. He was only willing to part with one bite! ;)
For dessert, we tried the Nutella crepe with vanilla ice cream. With beautiful presentation, it was tremendous and the perfect conclusion to our meal. Before leaving, we spoke with the chef/owner who opened this great place just a year ago. She was very humble and grateful for our kind words. Our experiences at Landhuis Misje are ones I will not soon forget. When we return to Curacao, we will return to Landhuis Misje, without a doubt.
Pictures from our second visit...

Half way through the bruschetta, we realized we forgot to take a pic!

We also forgot to snap a pic of the oxtail stew before diving in...oopps!

Keshi Yena, Version #27

Piska con Coco Main Course

Nutella Crepe Dessert

With the Owner, Graciela

Landhuis Misje is only open Wednesday through Saturday. Only a few tables are available so I recommend making a reservation to ensure you get to experience this little jewel.  They have a website that allows you to make reservations directly with them.

Up next, Part 4: More Great Food Experiences! Stay tuned...
As always, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it!

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated in any way by Landhuis Misje or Curacao Tourism Board. 

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