Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun Adventures in Curacao: Part 4

We had so many great food experiences while in Curacao, I just had to give you another post involving food. We discovered this really cool open air market, similar to a food court, by talking to a local on the street in Willemstad. I took some video so you could fully experience this place without actually being there. Take a look...

We decided to eat at Grasia di Dios, which means Grace of God. This is where we were greeted by the sweetest Englishman named John Tweed. You see, John is a man of God and that translates into his business and his passion for good food. All of his employees are Christians and very open about it, which as a Christian myself, I really appreciated it. After talking with John for a bit, we finally decided on lunch. I had the conch with fried rice. It was to die for! The conch was cooked with butter, onions, celery and bell peppers. It was tender and oh-so delicious! The husband is in love with goat meat and decided to have the goat stoba with polenta. It, too, was tender and very good. You wouldn't even know it was goat. It's so much like beef, but better and leaner. You should try it sometime! Below are some pictures of our lunch. Enjoy!

Goat Stoba with Polenta

Conch with Fried Rice

Waiting for our lunch!

I promised John a good pic of his business name on the blog!

With John Tweed, the owner.

Hungry yet? If you ever visit Willemstad, please look up this little market and say hello to John. He's there everyday. We ended up making a mad dash to see him again for lunch before rushing to the airport for our flight home. He took great care of us and prepared our lunch on the fly so we didn't miss our flight. Thanks, John!

Up Next, more from Curacao! Stay tuned...

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated in any way by Grasia di Dios  or Curacao Tourism Board. 

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