Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun Adventures in Curacao: Part 5

Yes, one more post from our adventures in Curacao. This is the fifth and final post. We had so many incredible experiences, I could go on posting up to 20 or more parts but all good things must come to an end, right?
With that being said, I wanted to share a few more experiences from Willemstad. Having grown up on the Georgia coast, I am fascinated by the sea and anything related to it. In Willemstad, there is a captivating pontoon bridge, named the Emma Bridge, that swings in and out when vessels need to pass through. The bridge connects two sides of the city divided by the sea. Pedestrians use the bridge all day long to get from one side to the other. It's actually a really busy footbridge! When we were in Curacao last year, we discovered Iguana Cafe, the perfect little oceanside eatery offering local fare and the best spot for watching the bridge. We made a stop at Iguana's again this year to watch the bridge at sunset. Since you really have to see the bridge in action to appreciate it, I took some video for you. Check it out below!

Here are a couple of still shots as well...

Tallest bridge in the Caribbean that is parallel to the Emma Bridge.
This is a view looking inland. 

Other noteworthy must-see places in Willemstad:
The GrillKing: This oceanside restaurant is the perfect destination for drinks, dinner and to watch the ships passing. Since Curacao is only 30 miles from Venezuela, there's a good chance you can see a thunderstorm in action over the Venezuelan coastline. We saw one both times we've been to dinner at The GrillKing. The menu is extensive and the portions are very generous! You can expect to find several choices including seafood, ribs, chicken and steaks. Be sure to sit oceanside and enjoy the scenery and the breeze. You won't be disappointed!

Turf Sampler: Ribs, Chicken, Pork and Sausage 
Red Snapper with Shrimp and Mussels in a delicious garlic sauce

Little Holland: If you are a cigar lover, this should be your number one stop in Willemstad. The selection is impressive and the prices are reasonable. The husband stopped here twice this trip! And for the ladies...they have some of the most beautiful hand embroidered linens...anything you can think of...table cloths, runners, napkins, place mats, name it and they have it! In addition, they also have ceramic collectibles from Holland as well as gifts and keepsakes. Oh, and they also have a sweet little cheese case with delicious cheeses from Holland. If you are into cheese (which I totally am!), you should really stop in and take a look.

Until next year, farewell Curacao! From wonderful food, unique people, fantastic shops, diving, snorkeling, sightseeing and even a Dutch vow renewal that we were invited to while there, we enjoyed our visit throughly! We can't wait to return to our Sweet Curacao! In the meantime, we will miss you! :(

Well, that concludes my Curacao posts. Have any questions? I'm happy to answer any you may have. Just leave a comment, just below my signature. As always, thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated in any way by Iguana Cafe, The GrillKing, Little Holland  or Curacao Tourism Board. 


  1. What a cool bridge! I enjoyed all of the Curacao posts! Want to go there!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the posts! I hope you get to visit Curacao soon. Maybe next year?!?

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