Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stepping Outside the Perimeter

Wow...I can't believe it's Tuesday already. Where does the time go? It seems like the weekends just fly by so quickly these days! The husband and I had a fantastic weekend that consisted of new discoveries and time spent with some very dear friends. This weekend our adventure started in Roswell, my husband's hometown. For those of you who are not familiar with Atlanta, let me give you a quick run down of how the city is laid out...we have what's called ITP, which stands for Inside the Perimeter and OTP, which stands for Outside of the Perimeter. The city of Atlanta has an interstate that is one big circle around the city and it serves as the perimeter, dividing the city and the "burbs." Most people that live ITP don't like to spend much time OTP because to us, you might as well pack a lunch to go OTP and the folks that live OTP refer to ITP as going into the "city." It's really quite funny! So, now that you just got a quick lesson in geography, Roswell is OTP, but it really has a lot to offer. A few weeks ago, we purchased a groupon for an art gallery on the Roswell square. We had a beautiful print of one of our favorite beaches that we wanted to get framed. It was finished and ready for us to pick up. We started at the gallery and took a stroll down the ever so quaint Canton street and stumbled upon the Salt Factory. This English style pub was really crowded for a late afternoon and we could see why. It is so inviting! Lucky for us, there were two window bar seats that looked out onto the street. Perfect! After looking at the menu and tossing around some snack ideas, we decided on the Thai Style Braised Beef Short Ribs. They were delicious and oh-so tender. The Thai peanut sauce coupled with the Thai style veggies served as the perfect complement to this savory appetitzer. I snapped a quick pic for you before digging in...

As we were enjoying the short ribs, we looked out to the shop across the street. My husband mentioned it used to be an old antique shop so we decided to take a closer look and check out the new tenants.

Much to our delight, it's now the most amazing provisions shop called Roswell Provisions. It offers bakery items, a meats case, a cheese case, wines for all budgets, custom made olive oils, french style herbs, honey, etc. We were in heaven! We spent at least 30 minutes with Kevin, the sommelier on staff, who is super down to earth and extremely knowledgable. We also spent some time chatting with Cyril, the owner of the shop, who is a chef and opened this place just six weeks ago. He's passionate about food and it really transcends to his business. I just love that! The ambiance is so intoxicating and so authentically European, I thought for a second...if I close my eyes really tight, I might just convince myself I'm standing in a cozy grocery store somewhere in France!

We ended up picking out a few bottles of wine with Kevin's help and some garlic infused olive oil, recommended by Cyril. I had to rein myself in because I really wanted some cured meats, some cheeses and a pastry! Mostly everything in the shop is made or grown locally. How great is that? As if this place wasn't already awesome enough, we learned that you can bring your olive oil bottle back for a refill for three bucks less than the cost of a new bottle. My heart melted!

We could have spent hours in this place but we had places to be and friends to visit. I'm hoping next time we will have more time to spend in this little OTP jewel.

Sometimes it's worth it to take a little jaunt outside your own perimeter. There are treasures around every corner...you just have to be willing to explore them. I am so glad we did!

Check out the Salt Factory and Roswell Provisions on Facebook!

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