Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blend It Up!

Hi friends! If you are anything like me, your mornings are rushed and time is tight. There's so much to do from the time your feet hit the floor until you walk out the door. Wow, that totally rhymes! Haha! That was completely unintentional. Back to topic...with all the things that have to be accomplished, breakfast usually gets the short end of the stick in my house. I typically have things that I can grab and eat on the way to work or once I get there and based on that criteria, my options are pretty limited. Even on the days that I have plenty of time, I struggle with breakfast choices. I'd be completely happy with a protein shake...but blending it, fixing it to go, etc. takes even more time.

Enter: Hamilton Beach Personal Blender!

This nifty little gadget gets the job done quickly and the best part is, you can take it with you! That's right, this blender doubles as a traveler (or as we call it here in the South, a To-Go Cup!) and even comes with a lid. The bottom is small which is great for cup holders in the car. It fits mine perfectly.

And it gets's only $15! My sweet Mama found this product a few months ago and loved it so much, everyone got one for Christmas. Brilliant! Thanks, Mom!

Already have your breakfast wrapped up? No problem...think about using this as you head to the gym, or while you are lounging poolside in the summer. So many uses!

To the best of my knowledge, these can be found at Amazon, Target and Walmart. It's probably the best 15 bucks you'll ever spend!

*Tip: When blending, especially when blending with ice, be sure to pulse instead of just letting it run. Since this little guy is small, the motor is small too. You definitely don't want to burn it up!


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