Friday, January 6, 2012

A Special New Year's Eve in the Mountains

Happy Friday, Everyone! It's the first Friday of 2012! Here's my last holiday post...sniffle, sniffle! :(
The New Year's Eve Recap: For the last several years, the husband and I have spent New Year's Eve with some of our most dear friends in the GA/NC Mountains. These sweet friends of ours used to live nearby but moved away a few years ago, therefore limiting the time we could spend with them. As sad as that is, we make up for it every New Year's Eve as we visit, chat, eat and drink into the wee hours of the morning. It's awesome to say the least! This year was no exception. We headed up to the mountains on Saturday and met our friends at a local winery that we visit every New Year's Eve. The folks at the winery remember us year after year and have come to realize this is part of our tradition!
Here are a few pictures from the winery and New Year's Eve...

At the winery with my dear sweet friend!

The Husband and me at the winery.
Isn't this old truck awesome? Love it!

Yep, we totally had a photo shoot! Did you expect anything less?
Next year's Christmas card picture???

The four of us just before midnight!

Getting ready to toast at midnight!

With my sweet Husband just before midnight

Happy New Year! 

As if this New Year's get away wasn't already special enough, we learned just before Christmas that there would be an extra special touch to the evening. My dear friend's little sister was getting engaged, just before midnight, in front of her entire family and us (aka extended family). I was bursting at the seams with excitement before we even made our way to the mountains. The evening was perfect and the bride-to-be had NO idea of what the night would hold. Sure enough, just before the stroke of midnight, her boyfriend dropped to one knee and made his proposal. She was shocked and the whole thing was filmed. It was awesome and definitely an engagement that we will all remember!
The Happy Couple in the midst of the engagement...

So sweet! 
They say that whatever it is you are doing at midnight will dictate the rest of the year. Well, I was witnessing an engagement...I wonder if that means this is the year of love and more weddings?!? If so, I can't wait! Yippee!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! What did you do? Did you make any resolutions? I typically don't but I'd love to hear yours! Here's to a wonderful 2012. May it be your best year yet! Cheers!

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