Friday, March 9, 2012

Strike a Pose!

Hi Friends! Earlier this year, I decided it was time to update my head shots. It had been a while since my last update and I thought 2012 was the perfect time for a new look! Just as you have "your" hairdresser, "your" manicurist, "your" seamstress, etc., every well put together girl (and guy) should also have a photographer...that go-to person you can count on for a great experience and awesome pictures. If you don't have one, get one. It's that simple.

I've had a lot of pictures taken in my days of pageants, vocal competitions, and acting here and there, and I can't tell you how crucial it is to have a great photographer that you have a connection with. It truly shows in your good ways and bad. Think about it...if you don't feel comfortable or connected to someone, it's going to show in your facial expressions and body language and therefore it will show in your pictures as well.

I want to introduce you to "my" photographer. Her name is Megan Dougherty and I met her many years ago. Her father is a prominent photographer in the Atlanta area who took some shots of me back in 2005. He has since retired and Megan is carrying on the family tradition. And boy is she good at it! Megan is so laid back, easy to work with and did I mention talented?!? It's no wonder all her clients, including me, love working with her. You may have noticed a new picture over on the right next to my profile or on the Meet Sara page. Those are just two of many! I thought I would take a moment to introduce you to her and show you a few of my new pictures. Megan took over 100 pictures during our session. It was so hard to choose my favorites, as I loved them all! We did two everyday look and then just for fun, a glamourous look (you know me, I can't help but love the glam!). We had so much fun! I just love photo shoots! :)

Hair and Make up by Gwynnis Mosby, Photography by Megan's Image

For my Atlanta area readers, Megan is the best in town. Seriously. Hands down. If you are in need of head shots, full body model shots, acting shots, family shots, etc., please look her up. She is so talented and very connected!

To see more of Megan's work, check out her website {here}, her FaceBook page {here} and her blog {here}. You can also click on her logo in the sidebar on the right.

Well there you have it. Now go get yourself a photographer. And as my mama would say, smile pretty!
It's Friday...that's definitely something to smile about! :)

*I was NOT compensated for this post. These are my honest opinions. I truly love Megan and her work. I would recommend her to anyone!


  1. Your pictures are awesome!

  2. Thanks, Beth! I appreciate your kind words! :)

  3. Aww thanks Sara! Sorry I just saw this post, I had been checking your blog every couple of days. Anyway thank you very much for the nice write up, I will link to it from my FB page! I'm glad you were so happy with your shots. :)

  4. Sure thing, Megan! Always glad to give a shout out for great service, products, etc. Thanks for being so amazing! I'll be in touch...


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