Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sea It, Buy It!

It's no secret summer is my absolute favorite season and naturally, I'm a pushover for sea inspired decor. What can I say, it reminds me of home. To my delight, Z Gallerie is featuring sea inspired decor again this year. Their Seaside Style Collection is elegant yet affordable. I have already added both the silver and white starfish bowls to my collection. I'm tempted to snap up a few more pieces but I'm working on justifying it!


When The Husband and I purchased our home five years ago, I knew my decorating vision would navigate me down a coastal, sea inspired path. Years later, I have created a coastal abode in the middle of a city at least four hours from a beach. It may not make sense to some but it's the perfect sanctuary for us and provides a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Maybe one day I will get brave enough to show it to you, that is if you would like to see it!

So what do you think of Z Gallerie's Seaside Style Collection? Love it? Not so much? Where is your favorite to shop for home decor? I'd love to hear!

Have a great Tuesday, lovelies! :)

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  1. Love anything coastal/seaside inspired! I love Z Gallerie and their new collection is fantastic! I need to get myself in there before it is all gone. I usually get ideas from places like Z Gallerie then find good buys at HomeGoods. It is definitely where the majority of my accessories and lamps have come from! I would love to see your house!!


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