Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sugar...Ahhh, Honey, Honey...

Hi Friends! Did you not just think of the old song by {The Archies} when you read the title? I know, I know, I'm an old soul when it comes to music. I seriously can't help it. Blame my parents! Anyway, I recently found a new product that I'd like to tell you about. It's called Sugar, hence the post title. Here's my story on this product...

A few days ago, I used some lipstick that I had an allergic reaction to. Weird, I know. I'm usually not super sensitive but for some reason, my smackers just didn't react well to this particular lipstick. My lips eventually started to peel and I knew I had to do something about it. (Ummm, hello? It was totally noticeable.) After a couple of trips to different drug stores, I turned to my beloved Sephora. It was there that I found this amazing lip polish by fresh. It gently exfoliates and conditions in an all natural way. It smells great and really does the trick! My lips aren't 100% back to normal yet, but I know I am on the road to recovery with the help of this lip polish.

{Product Details HERE!}
A lip polish isn't something I ever thought of as part of my beauty routine. However, I think it is a necessity. After using this product for just a few days, I can already tell it's a mainstay. We exfoliate other parts of our body periodically, so why not our lips too? This particular polish is reasonable in price and you don't have to use much. A little goes a long way. So pucker up and give it a try. Your honey will definitely be wanting your sugar after you polish up with this product! :)

Have you tried any lip polishes? Love? Hate? If I had not experienced an allergic reaction, I may not have found this product. Talk about turning a negative into a positive! What can I say, that's the PR girl in me coming out! I guess it's just what I do...

Cheers to Friday Eve! :)

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