Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's Set a Date!

Hi Friends! Since I've been traveling lately, I haven't had time to cook much so no Tasty Tuesday post today. Sorry! Instead, I want to show you my new obsession. But first, a little background: I used to be one of those girls that wrote down and recorded everything in my agenda/planner. I was sort of known for it. Some called it nerdy, I prefer organized. :) Then when I upgraded to an iphone a while back, I started keeping all my dates and commitments in my phone and slowly moved away from my agenda. But deep down, I was having major withdrawals from physically writing down my appointments somewhere. 

Clearly, I break easily. All I needed to be pushed over the edge was a beautiful agenda a la Lilly. Yes, Lilly reinstated my desire to jot down all of those dates and keep a record of my social calendar. Yesterday, I treated myself to this beauty, Ugotta Regatta. I couldn't help it! I ordered it from The Monogram Merchant and they are still offering free shipping. You can't beat that! 

This sweet agenda is available in many designs. Which one will you order? 
Go ahead...you know you want to! 
Are you a digital gal or a fan of the written word? Or somewhere in between? 

Cheers to Tuesday, my friends. Monday is in our rearview! :) 


  1. Oh I am THAT girl too!! This is sooo cute! But you know, I have embraced the digital planner via iPhone. Only because it sends me reminders and my post grad mind is a lot more spacey than my "younger" years :) Lovely print though!! xx, Allie

  2. I always have to write stuff down, I'm a big fan of journals/planners! That one is adorable!


  3. Definitely a fan of old fashioned "writing it down"! It was a tough call between a Lilly planner or Erin Condren...I finally decided on EC this year, but may try Lilly another time. Very pretty print you picked out!

  4. Love this planner cover! I am definitely still a planner kind of girl and just can't depend on my iphone calendar. I like to write things down and mark them off!

  5. Love that you said "Monday is in our rearview"...awesome way of thinking! I've nver been one to write anything down in a planner - I'm def more of a BB or iPhone planner gal - paper = clutter to me! But here's to being uber organized/nerdy :)

  6. Hah!! I actually posted about MY new lilly planner yesterday too!! I went with the 'lillys pink dirty shirley' and LOVE it! I have to plan REALLY far out too so the 18 month calender is awesome! Check mine out at ksereynolds.blogspot.com

  7. Ha, yea met too. I prefer the to write it down. I feel like in phone my lists and all that jazz will get lost.


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