Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Update

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! The Husband and I literally relaxed all weekend. Friday afternoon thunderstorms swept through the city and the evening commute was terrible. The Husband and I were both relieved to find out each other wanted to just stay in. We put on our PJ's and dialed up our favorite Chinese takeout place, and plopped down on the couch. It was DVR time!

Saturday brought on errands, a lunch date with The Husband and then some pool time. My favorite Sangria made an appearance and I've decided to call this the Summer of Sangria. It's such a light summer cocktail!

We stayed at the pool until 7:45pm and the thought of getting dressed up to go out just sounded exhausting. So, we hit the repeat button and stayed in to cook up some steaks. The Husband assisted me with cooking dinner and the prep time was cut in half. We pulled out all the stops and had a nice candle light dinner. Clean up was a cinch and it was nice to have a helper in the kitchen! Hopefully he will oblige me again sometime. :)

Sunday we heard a great sermon at church and then we had a nice lunch at our favorite crepe place, Crepe Revolution. We hadn't been there in a while and it was so good! After lunch we hit the pool for more R&R. It was so nice to not think about much of anything other than working on my tan!

I can't believe it's Monday already. Here's wishing you a great week!

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  1. I love weekends where we just get to relax! I was super busy this weekend and didn't have much time for relaxation! Looks like you had a good weekend! Sangria and cooking on the grill - always a winner!

  2. Yum looks like a delicious meal! I love sangria, I think it's the perfect summer cocktail. Which I need to make really soon!

  3. All of your food is making me so hungry! I love your candlelit dinner too! How nice to have a fun night together at home. We always have so much fun with a great unexpected evening like that! Your sangria looks so tasty as well! Jealous of all of your pool time! Have a great rest of your Monday!

  4. What a relaxing weekend! Your dinner looks delish! Thanks for linking up :)

  5. I love stay at home dates! Had one tonight myself. Have a great week! Stacie xo

  6. love this food and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  7. MMM! You always have the best food pics :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!


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