Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Proper Foundations

Happy Wednesday! It's no secret that I love makeup and recently I had a conversation with some friends of mine about eye shadow base, primers and eye makeup in general. We all used different things but I can only attest to what I use. So here it is...

Eye Paint / Too Faced Shadow Palette / Urban Decay Shadow Palette  / Eye Liner / Mascara

When applying makeup, I spend the most time on my eyes. They are the focal point of our face and should be played up! I'm a firm believer in an eye shadow base as it lays the foundation for the eye makeup. There's nothing worse than shadows and liners that move or bleed during the day and by the time you get home you look like someone gave you a shiner! To remedy this, I use eye paint by Mac Cosmetics (see link above) in Blank Canvas. I follow it up with eye shadows, liner and finally mascara. I'm loving these two eye shadow palettes (see link above) right now.
So many fun colors!

What are your thoughts on an eye shadow base or primer? A must or a pass? Do we use any of the same products? I'd love to hear what you use! Please share! 
Have a great Wednesday! :)


  1. I agree-primer is a must! I use the MAC paint you mentioned in Bare Canvas and I also sometimes use a MAC paintpot in Painterly. Love both-fun post- I love seeing what other ladies use:)

  2. I use that Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner! It's awesome! I love how it kinda just peels off when you wash your face and doesn't smear or smudge!

  3. We use the same eye shadow, I love the Two Faced pallette. I use to use the MAC paint but now am using the Urban Decay Primer and really like it. I also have been loyal to my Laura Mercier eyeliner that I use a wet flat brush with - I just love it! I might need to try your liner though :) As for mascara I haven't found one I love so maybe I need to try this one! Thanks for sharing!! I might have to do a post like this too. You inspire me :) Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

  4. in light of this post, you may love my giveaway this week...

    my new thing is to brush some neutral powder over shadow and liner to hold it all and keep from smudging - so far it has been working like a charm.


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