Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Q & A with Yours Truly

Hi Friends! I'm delighted to tell you that I have been nominated not once, not twice but three times for the Liebster Award. I'd like to thank Sarah, Andrea and Libby for nominating me for this special blog award. Since all three ladies had different questions, I decided to pick a few from each one and answer together. Here goes...

1.  Do you still write handwritten notes?
Absolutely! I feel very strongly about handwritten notes. I love to send them and receive them. It's a lost artform. See my blog post about handwritten notes {here}.

2.  Sweet or Salty?
Both! But if I had to choose, salty. 

3.  Stripes or Ruffles?
Ruffles hands down. So feminine!

4.  What is your dream job?
A personal stylist of any kind...clothing, accessories or interiors.

5.  Do you prefer snow/cold or the beach for vacation?
Ummm, y'all know how much I love the summer. Beach, without a doubt! 

6.  What kind of camera do you take most of your pictures with? 
Right now, my iphone 4 and a Sony Cybershot point and shoot. However, The Husband is giving me a DSLR for my birthday. We are still shopping. I can't decide between the Canon Rebel or Nikon D5100. Opinions and suggestions welcome! 

7.  What was the first car that you owned?
2001 VW Jetta. I drove her for over 10 years and just recently upgraded. Her name is Jetta Jane. The Husband still drives her from time to time. She's a good 'ole girl!

8.  Where is the farthest from home you have traveled?
Curacao...deep down in the Caribbean, 30 miles from Venezuela. 

9.  Tap or sparkling water?
Both! I enjoy both...it just depends on my mood. 

10. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Turn on the Today Show and then check my email. I have to see what happened while I was snoozing...

11. What is something you can never leave your house without?
My iphone. I can live without it but it's not enjoyable for those around me! :)

Since so many of my favorite bloggers have already been nominated, I'm not going to nominate anyone. Thanks again for the nomination, ladies! Hope you all have a great rest of the week! 


  1. Was fun getting to know you more. I love that you named your car. :)

  2. Love all of your answers friend! I feel the same way about my phone and even panic if I can't find it right away :) I also LOVE handwritten notes!

  3. My dream job is to be a fashion stylist... so glad to find someone with the same dream! I love you even more now. ;)

  4. Congratulations Sara! That's an exciting honor. Loved the Q and A! Now we all know you a little better. Have a great week! Stacie xo

  5. Love the Q & A! So fun to get to know you better!


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