Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Blogger Exchange

Last week I participated in a Fall Blogger Exchange organized by my dear friend Sarah at Simply Sarah Style. Sarah and I were swap partners back in February and through the swap and many emails, a friendship was born. Don't you just love that? One of the many awesome things about blogging! When Sarah blogged about hosting her own fall themed exchange, I was happy to participate. As luck would have it, I was partnered up with another Sarah. Sarah blogs at Love the Little. What can I say? We Sara(h)'s stick together! Here's a peek at what Sarah sent me in the exchange...

Sarah put together a very thoughtful gift with a little something for every part of a girl's life. My care package included a beautiful essie nail polish, an accent kitchen towel, a wonderful smelling pumpkin bath bar, a heavenly home spray and some goodies for my sweet tooth. 
It was so nice to receive such thoughtful gifts in my mailbox! 

Now I am 100% ready for fall! Have you ever participated in a blogger swap or exchange? If not, you totally should. It's so much fun! 
Here's wishing you a lovely Friday Eve! The weekend is at our doorstep! 


  1. Looks like you received some fabulous goodies! xx

  2. That's awesome! That spray just looks like it smells amazing. What color Essie polish is that?

  3. The bath bar sounds heavenly! I just love everything fall!

  4. Loving that Essie color!! Looks like you got some great goodies!!
    Emily @ Dirt & Pearls

  5. What a great package!!! That is to funny you always get paired with Sara(h)s!! Love it! Can't wait to see that Essie nall polish on your nails!

  6. What a fun fall swap! That nail color is gorgeous! Love it all :)

  7. I agree. We Sara(h)s do need to stick together!

    It looks like you received gorgeous items. I am especially drawn to great fall patterns on the towel and bath bar. That nail color should be one lovely addition to your polish collection.

    Thanks again for participating!


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