Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Inspiration

Happy Wednesday! Is it Friday yet? I'm sorry I missed y'all yesterday. The last several work days have been crazy busy and I am seriously ready for the weekend. Come on Friday!

Y'all know I'm a summer girl and I have a hard time transitioning from summer to fall. It happens every year. To help get in the spirit, I cruised pinterest for a little inspiration. I love pumpkins and pinterest had plenty of ideas for me. Here are some of my favorites...

 It's Fall, Y'all! 

 This would be a fun project! 

 Gold. Sparkle. Chevron. Need I say more?

 This sparkly centerpiece will jazz up any table.

Perfect for a patio! 

 Rhinestoned pumpkins. What's not to love?

 How cool is this?

 Fun polka dots! 

So pretty! 

I love the monogram pumpkin!

{All images courtesy of Pinterest.}

I hope these pretty pictures provide some inspiration to you as well!
Any favorites? Any fun fall projects on the agenda?
I'd love to hear what you are working on!

Cheers to Wednesday, friends. We are getting closer and closer to the weekend! 


  1. GREAT inspiration! I don't have too hard of a time transitioning into Fall since I never really had one growing up, but I can see how others find it difficult! I'm obsessed with glitter pumpkins this year! Little messy, but oh-so-pretty! Happy hump day - try and make it through the week girly! xx, Allie

  2. Pumpkins are simply the best! They're so versatile for decorating.

  3. That pink chevron pumpkin is perfect!! Although, I think with my limited skills I'd be better off trying the 1st picture and just drilling holes. :) I can't wait...I'm posting my fall decorating blog post tomorrow.

  4. i just happen to have a huge vase full of wine corks (no comment, please) - so this would be a great craft project!!

  5. I absolutely love the pink chevron pumpkin!! I also have a hard time transitioning into Fall. I am not a big Fall decor girl but think I might need to work on that :)


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