Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Update

It's hard to believe that Monday is already here. It seems like the weekend just got started. Sadly, it's back to work. And can you believe it's October? Where did September go? We had a very low key weekend and it was just perfect. It seems like this time of year is always so busy for us so it was nice for a no-plans weekend to sneak it's way into our schedule.
I apologize in advance for all the bad iphone pics. I promise I'm getting my new camera soon...

Friday night we had a late date night at one of our favorite restaurants. We haven't been there in a while  so it was really nice to get reacquainted! 

We started off with a mild red from the Coates de Rhone region of France. It was perfect! I love mostly all wine but I am a firm believer in pairing wine with the seasons. It just enhances the experience. I'm sad to say that I think some of our best white wine days are gone for the year, but since I love pretty much all kinds of wine (no discrimination here!), I say, bring on the reds! 

Little James' Basket

To start, we opted for a charcuterie plate coupled with some 26 month aged gouda, which was to die for. I wish I was eating a piece of that amazing cheese right now...

For dinner, I had steak and The Husband had Oxtail. I really, really wanted the Oxtail but since we try not to order the exact same thing, I decided on the steak and we shared bites. Both dishes were equally delish. 

The Husband's Dish: Oxtail

My Dish: Braised Steak

Oh and you know we couldn't pass up dessert...The Husband claimed he was "full" so I opted for a smaller dessert that would be easy to take home if I didn't finish. Champagne truffles it was! Of course The Husband found room and we finished these babies at the restaurant!

For our date night, I wore a dress I've had for a while. I snapped it up at a local boutique and it's super comfortable but dressy at the same time. I paired it with black Guess peep toes stilettos and silver jewelry. The bathroom had great mirrors and you know I had to do a mini photo shoot...

And one from the table that I made The Husband take...

Saturday I ran some errands and spent the afternoon working on a little project that I will tell you more about later. We ordered take out for dinner and caught up on our new guilty pleasure, Mad Men. Thank you, Netflix! I also tried a new wine that was down right awesome. 

Washington State is one of my favorite wine regions in the US. When I was in Seattle last year, I made it my mission to experience as many local wines as possible, this one being one of them. This winery has great wines but I've never seen this particular blend from them. It's a red blend called Hot to Trot (I love the name and the label!). It's very easy to drink, probably too easy! 

The rain rolled in on Sunday and we lost power Sunday morning. Have you ever tried getting ready for church in the dark? Well, I can tell you, it's not fun! Thankfully, I was able to put myself together and look somewhat presentable. After church we hit one of our favorite brunch spots and spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing and catching up on TV. We lost power again so I switched over to magazines. I meant I was going to do some relaxing!

Oh and one more little piece of the weekend...I'm in love with Bath and Body Work's Autumn candle. I first smelled it at a friend's house and knew I must have it. We burned it all weekend (especially with the power outages) and I'm headed to B&BW this week to pick up another one. It's such a delightful scent! 

So there you have it! A low key weekend that was much appreciated. 
What did you do this weekend? Anything fun? 
Here's wishing you a great week! 

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  1. I'm loving wine blends! Looks like a great weekend with lots of delicious food, yum! And I like that dress, so pretty.

  2. What a great weekend!! I am going to have to write these wines down so I can try them! I think a day without power would be great! It would make me sit down and relax! You look gorgeous in your date night dress friend :) Hope you are having a good Monday!

  3. Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend! Love it :) Those truffles look amazing! Oh, and that dress is so pretty!

  4. What's the restaurant name?


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