Friday, December 7, 2012

Fashion Friday : Pretty in Plaid

Happy Friday, Dolls! This week has flown by and all day yesterday I was thinking it was Wednesday. Silly me! When I'm traveling, it's hard to keep the days straight. I'm headed back to the ATL right this minute but wanted to bring you a little Fashion Friday goodness in the meantime. 
Today, I'm serving up plaid! 

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You may remember this coat from yesterday's post but it was too good not to incorporate into today's Fashion Friday outfit. You see, I wore a uniform to school my entire life...yes, a plaid skirt and a button down white shirt with knee socks and lace up loafers for 12 long years. To say I was "over" plaid come graduation day (which was, ahhemmm, many moons ago, but still...) is merely an understatement. But, with prep school in my rear view, I am getting reacquainted with plaid, especially with the holidays in full swing. With this darling coat the star of the outfit, I paired it with skinnies, a white button down (a nod to my school days), gold button earrings and a classic pair of Louboutins. I know, I know, the Loubs are pricey but hey, the red sole totally matches! ;) To top it all off, I added this red Marc Jacobs cross body/clutch with gold accents to tie it all together. 

So what do you think of my plaid outfit? Would you wear it? I think it's a great outfit to do a little Christmas lunching and shopping...don't you?
Here's wishing you a fantastic weekend filled with lots of holiday cheer!

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  1. I think if I wore plaid everyday for like 12 years I'd be a lil resistant too! But that coat is too cute to pass up! Great outfit.

  2. I'm in love with this coat, Sara! The pieces you paired with it are beautiful as well.
    Safe travels, Hun!

  3. It warms my heart when I am out and about and see a little girl in her plaid school uniform skirt
    and little red monogrammed cardigan! It takes me back to early mornings pressing all those pleats
    for you! They still use the same plaid as when you were there! Love the prepster look! You and your
    brother are preps from way back. It's a good thing! MOM LOVES!

  4. LOVE that coat! Absolute perfection.


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