Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend Update

Hi Friends and Happy Tuesday! I'm so sorry this is a day late. We had a rather hectic weekend and I am headed to NYC as I type. Thank you, go-go in-flight internet! :)

The Husband had to go into the office mostly all weekend which you can imagine didn't make me happy so I did what any wife would do...I shopped, decorated for Christmas, rearranged furniture, addressed Christmas cards and mailed them, mani/pedi, ordered take out, etc., etc.  It ended up being a rather productive weekend for me, which is good since I'm traveling the rest of the week.

Here's a glimpse of the weekend a la iphone pics. Enjoy!

Friday night we grabbed a late dinner at our fave local pizza joint. You know me, I had the gluten free thai chicken personal. It was so good!

Since The Husband was working and I wanted to get a Christmas tree, I found a local business that will deliver Christmas trees. How cool is that?!? A special thanks to my neighbors who offered a helping hand getting it inside. Here's a quick pic I took before The Husband put the star on top. Shorty here couldn't quite reach! :)

Better pics to come...

For the last five years, I've made our Christmas wreath. I think it's sort of my "thing." This year I intended to buy one but couldn't find one that was the size I wanted. Plus, I really enjoy making my own. I like my wreaths look less structured that what you find in the stores and I like for them to be made from real greenery. In years past, I just kept it simple and only added decorative berries around the finished product. However, this year, with the help of my sweet Dad, I added this beautiful custom monogram. I wasn't sure how it would look or if it would fit but I am so happy with how it turned out! It looks exactly the way I envisioned it in my head.

This isn't the greatest pic and definitely doesn't do it justice. 
I snapped it just before heading out the door this morning.

Saturday was a great mail day. I received this little surprise...

Y'all know how much I love Bath and Body Works. My first thought was...hmmm, I didn't order anything from them. They sent sweet treats inspired by their favorite seasonal scents to their "best" customers. I had no idea I was classified as one of their "best" customers but hey, I'll take it! It was a welcomed surprise! Did anyone else receive these delightful bite-fulls? 

Sunday I did a little more shopping. I found these awesome nesting tables. I want them so bad!

I also scored some new lamps for our nightstands. Yay for sales!  

Well, that's pretty much it! Short yet productive. 
What did you do this weekend? Do you do a real or artificial tree?

I hope to have more Christmas decor pics next week along with a super easy Christmas DIY. Stay tuned! Here's wishing you all a great week!

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  1. You did a great job on that wreath, Sara! I LOVE it!

  2. You had a very productive weekend!! I need you to fly to SA and help me! We also get a real tree. Mine is sitting undecorated in our living room just waiting for some attention. Maybe tonight? I love your wreath with the monogram in the middle! It looks perfect! I love those nesting tables too! Where did you find them?

    Hope you have a great flight and are able to actually have some fun this go-around in NYC!

  3. I'm obsessed with the wreath! So cute!!!

  4. Sounds productive indeed! Your wreath is beautiful, and of course, now I want one!:) As well as a piece of that pizza;)


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