Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend Update

Hi Friends! I hope you had a nice Monday. We had a nasty Monday here in ATL, full of rain and wind. Since I was traveling last week, I played catch up yesterday so here's 
the Weekend Update, one day late. 

Friday evening I attended a lovely Christmas Tea at our church. With over 570 ladies in attendance, this was a wonderful evening filled with the joy of the season and loads of fellowship. My sweet friend and her mom did a fabulous job decorating our table. Everything was so beautiful! 

Saturday night, The Husband and I dined at a neighborhood favorite (M&T for those that are familiar with our area). Before dinner, we tried this wine from a local winery. It was really good! 

Sunday we enjoyed a nice service at church and spent the remainder of the afternoon cleaning out closets. That's right, we cleaned and cleaned! Goodwill either loves us or hates us but regardless, our home is a little lighter! In order to keep our sanity, we enjoyed a bottle of this wine to help make the cleaning experience a little better. This is quickly becoming a favorite around our house. 

Sunday night we caught up on some Netflix faves and before we knew it, Monday was upon us. 

There you have it. Not overly exciting but just right! 
How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?
Here's wishing you a fantastic Tuesday. 

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  1. The Christmas tea event looks beautiful! Your friend and her Mother did a wonderful job! I'm jotting your wine recommendations down so I can try them when I go to the store again! Isn't it so nice cleaning closets and rooms out? I just love lightening things up! Hope you have a great Tuesday friend!

  2. What a beautiful table setting! Just gorgeous. I dread cleaning out our closet, but it must be done!! Good job getting a jump on it!

  3. Love the table setting! Looks absolutely amazing! And so festive!

    I need to tackle my closet too, it's just the last thing in the world I want to do.

  4. That table is too cute! Every little detail is perfect, what a great job your friend did. The plaid is so festive!

  5. That's a gorgeous table setting! Yay for cleaning out the closet, it always feels so good to get that done. I wish I"d known you when we lived in Atlanta because you always know the best places to eat!! I missed out!

  6. Absolutely loving those table settings! Happy humpday!! xox



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