Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh What a Night!

Happy Friday, Everyone! I'm so happy to see the weekend upon us. Parts of this week seemed to drag while other parts flew by. The highlight of this week was definitely the Henri Bendel event with NYC Fashion Blogger and dear friend, Emily Loftiss. Emily is a very talented hostess and fashion blogger who is taking the world by storm. If you haven't met her or checked out her blog, you need to. Learn more about her {here} and check out her blog {here}.

It was wonderful to see her and catch up while sipping champagne and perusing all the pretties at Henri Bendel. It was a night of fashion and fun! Here are a few pictures from the event. Enjoy!

With Emily. She looked GREAT!

Another with Emily so you can see her fabulously long legs!


Don't you just love these colorful bracelets?

Neon everywhere! Neons are so hot right now. I want need one of these!

I love these earrings! So beautiful!

More Neons!

I'm loving these scarves!

Stackable bracelets are another hot item of the season. Love these!


Yours truly with two other bloggers. They came up from Macon for the event. 

My purchase of the evening. There were so many things I could have gone home with but these travel bags will serve me well. I made a list of all the other lovelies I plan to buy!

Thanks to Henri Bendel and Emily Loftiss for hosting such a wonderful event. We had a great time!
Cheers to Friday and have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bauble Lust

Hi Friends! With spring in the air and a pep in my step, I am excited to incorporate all the beautiful and vibrant colors of spring into my wardrobe. Accesorizing is a great way to change up an existing outfit without having to spend a ton of dough. Keeping that in mind, I am lusting over these beauties at BaubleBar. I think they would definitely add some pazazz to existing outfits in my closet. 

Tribal Mosaic Necklace
Coral Cabochon Drops

Rosebud Necklace

Teal Fes Bangles
Aqua Boho Drops

Now I just have to choose! Are you lusting over any pretty baubles? I'd love to hear about it!
Cheers to pretty things and tomorrow being Friday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Reading...

Ahhh, magazines. I just love magazines and what's better than having them delivered right to your mailbox? I currently subscribe to several magazines and I really need to get better at carving out time specifically for reading them. They bring me such joy!

One of my favorite things is to be reading a publication and find that one of my most cherished places, restaurants, brands, etc., has been mentioned. I get this sense of pride, almost as if I am the owner of that restaurant or created that brand. It's quite funny! What can I say, I'm passionate. Likewise, it always warms my heart to see my hometown of Savannah written about. This time, it was a little closer to second home, that is. The cover story of April's Atlanta Magazine is Girls Getaways. When I pulled this puppy out of the mailbox, I couldn't wait to read the feature for many reasons. One, I'm a girl who likes to get away and two, something just told me (other than the cover, ha!) that Savannah would be one of the featured destinations. And what do you know, I was right!

Atlanta author Rebecca Burns did a great job covering my fair city. She visited some wonderful establishments including ShopSCAD, Sentient Bean, Distillery, Paris Market, Leopold's Ice Cream, the Juliette Gordon Low House (for all the girl scouts out there), Clary's Cafe, SCAD's Museum of Art, the Westin Savannah Golf Resort and Spa, and many more. All of these places do a great job of encompassing Georgia's Oldest City. Of course there was a Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil reference or two (which I love!) and thankfully, no Paula Deen references.


Other Getaways on the list include:
Watercolor, FL
Asheville, NC
Kentucky's Bourbon Country: Bardstown, Frankfort and Lexington

I've been to Watercolor, FL but not Asheville or Bourbon country. Those are definitely on my list!
If you aren't familiar with Savannah, GA, check out this {website} and get to know the place I call home.

What local magazines do you read? And more importantly, what's your idea of a great Girl's Getaway?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For the Boys...

Hi Friends! Can you believe it's Tuesday already? The weekend just flew by and before I know it, Wednesday will be here. We've been experiencing some above average temperatures in the South the last few weeks (way above!) and I am SO ready for the summer! I mean, with temps in the 80's, who wouldn't be?

Today I thought I would highlight some fashion for the guys. After all, us dolls need to have an equally fashionable guy on our arm! Right? I just received an email from J. McLaughlin featuring these handsome and super preppy swim trunks. I adore the sea inspired patterns!

          All images {via}

These patterns are so will be hard to choose! The Husband's birthday is quickly approaching and something tells me a pair of these will be part of his gift. The lobsters and the aqua with the coral are my favorites but I love the angel fish too. Decisions, decisions! Which one is your favorite?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Philadelphia Freedom!

Hi Friends! Last week my travels took me to Philadelphia and while my schedule was pretty jam packed, I did find a bit of free time to discover some new things...including a trip out to the King of Prussia Mall...OMG, I have no words. Best. Mall. Ever. Aside from my fabulous trip to King of Prussia Mall, there's one particular experience that I thought was so cool, I just have to share it with you.

I had the opportunity to take a wine tasting class at the Tria Fermentation School in downtown Philadelphia. Tria is a restaurant group comprised of two cafes, a wine room and a fermentation school and is known as Philadelphia's destination for lovers of wine, cheese and beer.

The wine class I took highlighted wines of Italy, which was right up my alley as Italy is number one on my list of places to visit in Europe. The classes at the Fermentation School are small and intimate with room for only 25 students. Our instructor was Michael McCaulley who is the Wine Director and part owner at Tria. Michael's teaching style was awesome. He is super duper knowledgeable on wines from all regions of the world but he never talked over our heads. He was great at connecting with everyone, no matter the extent of their wine knowledge. A very refreshing teaching style. And, there were two Italians in our class which made things even more interesting!

A shot of the classroom

We tasted eleven wines in all from various regions of Italy. Our tasting was paired with a small plate of snacks including cured meats, cheeses, artisan bread, spiced nuts, an eggplant tapenade and a piece of homemade fudge for a little something sweet. Everything was delicious!

Our place setting. The empty glasses were for the white wine that was poured as we went through the tasting.

Cured Meats, Cheeses and spiced nuts that paired very nicely with our tasting. 

For those that know me well, you are aware of how much I love wine and pairing it with food. At one point in time, I even looked into becoming a sommelier. Michael provided so much information, my notes were a little out of control! After the class, the girl next to me pointed out my "thorough" notes to him and Michael joked about wanting to scan them! I think I wrote down just about everything he said. Maybe I should revisit that sommelier idea...hmmm...

My notes.
I don't expect you to read them but you can see I went a little crazy!
I couldn't help it. What can I say...I dig wine! Maybe I'm just thirsty for knowledge?!?

Probably a little hard to see but these are the regions of Italy we covered in the class. 

I learned so much and I can't wait to put my new found knowledge to good use! Wine, anyone? :)
If you are ever in the area, check out Tria. You can visit their website {here}.

Cheers to free time, a great wine class and a fabulously fun adventure in Philly!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I'm Digging...

Hi Friends, I hope you are having a great Thursday! Today I want to share with you a product that I am currently digging. In case you don't already know, I love make up. This should come as no surprise to you! Sure, I have my standard products that I adore and rarely stray from but when it comes to some things, such as mascara, I'm more than willing to take a walk on the wild side and try something new. You see, I'm sort of a freak when it comes to mascara. I feel like mascara, aside from concealer, is the most crucial part of my makeup. I feel naked without it!

During a recent scouting adventure at Sephora, I decided to randomly poll Sephora employees on their favorite mascaras. One particular mascara was a reoccurring answer in the poll, which told me I must try it. Besides, Sephora accepts returns (greatest thing on earth, oh by the way!) for any reason so you really have nothing to lose!

Introducing Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara:


I'm always willing to try the latest and greatest but you will never catch me trying out a new product on a day where I have important meetings, an after-work event, drinks with girlfriends and especially not when I have a date with The Husband. I tend to try out new products on days when nothing much is going on. When I left Sephora, it was one of those days so I went home and tried my new mascara immediately. It looked great and then I wished I had somewhere to go! The verdict: I LOVE IT! I'm on my third tube (in roughly five months). If that isn't "love" status, I don't know what is. That's like centuries in makeup years!

Brag worthy features include: 

First, the large brush. I personally like a wand with a large brush so I don't miss any lashes. I realize this is a personal preference, for example, my sweet mama prefers a skinnier brush. To each, his own.

Secondly, this mascara does not flake. That is one of my biggest complaints about some mascaras. Who wants little black flakes on their face? Ummm, not me! Even worse, someone saying "you have little black specks on your face..." No thanks. Flaking equals no likey!

Thirdly, this mascara is on the wetter side and doesn't dry out your lashes. You know how sometimes you can touch your lashes throughout the day and they feel like they could just break off because the mascara is so drying and caky? Not the case here. When I touch my lashes, they feel soft but they don't look it. Awesomeness!

Lastly, I am a two coats girl for sure when it comes to mascara. However, I think you could definitely get away with only one coat of this mascara. It really stands on it's own. With that being said, I still do two coats just because that's who I am and chances are, that's not going to change! :)

There are tons of mascaras out there that I still need to try but this one is definitely the flavor of right now. As a barometer, my all time favorite drugstore mascara is L'Oreal's Lash Out. It's an oldie but a goodie and I still use it frequently.

If you decide to give Smashbox Full Exposure a whirl, let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your comments! Smashbox Full Exposure can be found at Sephora AND Ulta. I've purchased it at both places. Cheers to pretty lashes! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mark Your Calendars!

Hi Lovely Readers! Happy Wednesday! Today's post is especially for my Atlanta readers (sorry non-Atlanta peeps). One week from today, something very cool is happening at Atlanta's one and only Henri Bendel. A dear friend of mine who just happens to be a famous fashion and beauty blogger in New York, has teamed up with Henri Bendel to host a special evening of sipping, shopping and sharing fashion advice. What more could a girl ask for? :)

{Please Don't forget to RSVP!}

I personally invite you to join Fashion and Beauty Blogger Emily Loftiss and Henri Bendel for this one of a kind event. It's sure to be a great time! And who couldn't use some mid-week champagne? Don't forget to's VERY important for this event. In the meantime, check out Emily's blog {here}. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life Changing Purchases

Hi Friends, Happy Tuesday! I don't know about you but spring always gets me in the mood to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. I LOVE warm weather! I've made a few purchases lately that have indeed been life changing, or have made life easier, I should say. After reading a recent post over at my sweet friend's blog, Simply Sarah Style, I was inspired to share these life changing purchases with you. Thanks, Sarah! :)

A few months ago, I purchased this Tory Burch Ella bag. It's versatile, expandable, durable and fashionable. This bag can serve as a purse, a carry-on, a day bag (think: an extra pair of shoes, laptop, your lunch, etc.), or an overnight bag. I use this bag most when I travel because I refuse to check bags. It serves as my carry-on purse/shoulder bag along with my carry-on suitcase. When I get to where I'm going, it doubles as a purse that's functional, fashionable and professional...if need be. I can't tell you how durable this bag is. I've had it loaded down and it definitely passes the test! I've already decided that when this bag wears out, I will be purchasing another one just like it. You can beat black nylon! It was worth every penny!


Another life changing purchase was my black and gold Tory Burch Reva Flats. I'm fairly short (5'4 to be exact) so I really don't get excited about flats. However, I finally broke down and added these to my wardrobe. They are great for season transitions (like now), airports, all day meetings and for the weekends. Again, worth every penny! I definitely want another pair.


And something every working girl needs...a sharp black suit. I've been wanting to update my work wardrobe for a while now. I always try to carefully select items that are all-season, classic, and versatile. Banana Republic has some great pieces out right now that fit the bill. I purchased this suit and paired it with a pretty, ruffled white blouse from BR. The suit pieces look great together, obviously, but also separately. I've already paired the blazer with a nice blouse and jeans for a dressy casual look. The skirt of course goes with mostly any top or blouse suitable for work.


I spread these purchases out as they can be budget busters. However, just remember...quality over quantity. Investing in well made pieces is the best thing you can do for yourself. Needless to say, I'm super pleased with all of the above purchases. What have you purchased lately that has changed your life or made life easier for you? I'd love to hear!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hi there, my lovely readers! Here's wishing you a Happy Saint Patrick's Day! :) Cheers! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seeing Green!

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a great week so far! I am traveling again this week so I apologize for the lack of blog posts. I'm a little behind on my posting!

As you know, Saint Patrick's Day is this Saturday and I couldn't be more excited! This Savannah native is headed home for the parade and a much anticipated family reunion. Since Saint Patrick's Day is falling on a Saturday, there should be an excellent turn out for all the festivities. The weather forecast is calling for 81 degrees in Savannah. Perfect parade weather!

When I started thinking about packing for this Saint Patrick's Day weekend, my first thought was..."what should I wear?" I'm the type of person that needs options when traveling. One outfit choice for each day just won't do! My outfits for this weekend will definitely be a game time decision but I wanted to share with you some great green finds I spotted this week.

Express definitely had a lot of green options but these two shirts were my favorites! I think either of these would be cute with jeans, shorts or a skirt.



I also thought this cute dress from Forever 21 was a great, budget friendly option. It can easily be jazzed up with some bold jewelry. This dress screams for a long necklace, don't ya think?
What are your plans for Saint Patrick's Day? And better yet, what are you wearing?


Friday, March 9, 2012

Strike a Pose!

Hi Friends! Earlier this year, I decided it was time to update my head shots. It had been a while since my last update and I thought 2012 was the perfect time for a new look! Just as you have "your" hairdresser, "your" manicurist, "your" seamstress, etc., every well put together girl (and guy) should also have a photographer...that go-to person you can count on for a great experience and awesome pictures. If you don't have one, get one. It's that simple.

I've had a lot of pictures taken in my days of pageants, vocal competitions, and acting here and there, and I can't tell you how crucial it is to have a great photographer that you have a connection with. It truly shows in your good ways and bad. Think about it...if you don't feel comfortable or connected to someone, it's going to show in your facial expressions and body language and therefore it will show in your pictures as well.

I want to introduce you to "my" photographer. Her name is Megan Dougherty and I met her many years ago. Her father is a prominent photographer in the Atlanta area who took some shots of me back in 2005. He has since retired and Megan is carrying on the family tradition. And boy is she good at it! Megan is so laid back, easy to work with and did I mention talented?!? It's no wonder all her clients, including me, love working with her. You may have noticed a new picture over on the right next to my profile or on the Meet Sara page. Those are just two of many! I thought I would take a moment to introduce you to her and show you a few of my new pictures. Megan took over 100 pictures during our session. It was so hard to choose my favorites, as I loved them all! We did two everyday look and then just for fun, a glamourous look (you know me, I can't help but love the glam!). We had so much fun! I just love photo shoots! :)

Hair and Make up by Gwynnis Mosby, Photography by Megan's Image

For my Atlanta area readers, Megan is the best in town. Seriously. Hands down. If you are in need of head shots, full body model shots, acting shots, family shots, etc., please look her up. She is so talented and very connected!

To see more of Megan's work, check out her website {here}, her FaceBook page {here} and her blog {here}. You can also click on her logo in the sidebar on the right.

Well there you have it. Now go get yourself a photographer. And as my mama would say, smile pretty!
It's Friday...that's definitely something to smile about! :)

*I was NOT compensated for this post. These are my honest opinions. I truly love Megan and her work. I would recommend her to anyone!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something to Smile About!

Hello there, readers! I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. Ridiculous. Seriously. Anyway, if you follow me on FaceBook, you know that I've been busy in NYC the last few days. I have some really cool experiences to share with you so stay tuned!

In the meantime, it's Wednesday, which means we are one step closer to the weekend. I'm so ready for a few days to relax and get a few errands taken care of. In an effort to break up the week, I thought I'd share a few precious pics you. Thank you, Pinterest. Enjoy!

all photos {via}

Have a wonderful Wednesday, sweet friends! :)