Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Happy Friday Eve! This week is flying by and that's 100% OK with me! I had a post ready for today but after last night's pedicure, I just had to dedicate a post to my fave color. I usually have a color in mind when going for a mani/pedi but last night I stepped outside of the box and explored some Essie colors at the salon. I fell in love with this one...

This color is called Cascade Cool. Perfect for spring and summer or winter in my book! 
It's the most feminine pink and down right delightful. 
I just love it and I'm totally getting a bottle of my own!

This next product is what I call my secret weapon. It's my favorite pink lipstick of all time. The shade is the most beautiful, rich pink and perfect for year round. It adds just the right amount of color on any day without being over the top. And did I mention it has a lovely name? Champagne!

Speaking of names, the name of this next favorite will definitely make you blush (pun intended).
Ladies, meet Super Orgasm. I started out loving Orgasm but then when I purchased a duel blush compact featuring both Orgasm and Super Orgasm, I knew I had found a new favorite. It is the prettiest pink with a few sparkles here and there. I wear this pretty much every day. 

I love my pink and white polka dot Kate Spade iphone case but seriously, how cute is this one? 
I might just have to order it! And did I mention it's on SALE?

Super cute, right?

Ahhh, I never have enough pink in my world. Do you?
Here's wishing you a fabulous Thursday. I hope you will stop back by tomorrow for Fashion Friday. 
Until then, enjoy today. Cheers!


  1. We are definitely exactly the same!! Love pink in every shape and form! :) I love Essie polishes and will be checking this one out for sure. Jotting down this lip color too for the next time I need to shop! Loving the iphone case! Happy Friday Eve!!!

  2. That Essie color is so pretty! It's the perfect spring shade! And I haven't tried the Super Orgasm blush yet but I was eyeing it in Sephora the other day! I love the gold flecks!

  3. I have an Essie colour so similar to that shade - love it.

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