Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thoughts on Valentine's Day + Eye Candy

Hey Lovelies! Happy Valentine's Day! First of all, I'd like to say thank you to all of you that follow this little ole blog of mine. It means the world to me that you care enough to read what I post and moreover that you keep coming back for more. I really appreciate it and for that, I love you. 

And now for my thoughts on Valentine's Day...
The Husband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. It's just not something that we've ever made a big deal about. We've always said that you should show your love every day of the year, not just on the 14th of February. This may come as a surprise to some of you as I discovered on Tuesday night that it is somewhat shocking that I don't celebrate this holiday. I mean, I'm girly in EVERY sense of the word so why wouldn't I? Two nights ago The Husband and I went to our small group Bible study and Valentine's Day was a topic of discussion before our lesson. We told the group our deal about Valentine's Day and our friends couldn't believe it. So all day yesterday, I kept thinking..."why don't we celebrate Valentine's Day?" It's not that I don't like fact, I love it! I love all the sweet little Valentines, the candy (especially the candy), heart shaped cookies, you name it...I love it all! Not to mention pink is one of my favorite colors. And every year, the night of February 13th, I find myself buying a little something for The Husband in honor of Valentine's Day. I know that it won't be reciprocated on February 14th (he usually waits until the 15th!) and I'm totally ok with that! Everything is marked up, chocolate, dinners...retailers totally capitalize. 

So I guess the purpose of this post is to serve as a declaration that deep down, I really do like Valentine's Day.  Just because The Husband and I don't celebrate it with each other, doesn't mean that I should disregard the celebration altogether. Celebrating with family and friends is fun too. After all, it's not just about romantic love, it's about friendly love too! Right? 
What do you do you? Celebrate or not so much? 
I'd love to know!

And with that, I wish each and every one of you a Happy Valentine's Day... 
whether you celebrate it or not! :)

Whew! Now, if you've read through all of the above, you deserve a little eye candy. 
So here ya go...thanks for hanging in there! 

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Enjoy your day, my friends!
And cheers to Valentine's Day! 


  1. I love your honesty in this post; I've written a few posts that are stocked up for the coming weeks that are a little bit more about me and less about all of the pretty clothes and products out there. There's a time and place for both!

    I agree with you that we should all celebrate our love throughout the year, and I used to say that too, but I think it's about really reflecting on 2/14...and thinking about everyone that you love (parents, grandparents, friends, awesome co-workers, blog buds, etc.) and reflecting on them. I wish I did it more often, so Valentine's Day gives me an excuse to shower them all with a little more love.

    This is a really long comment. I wish I could share some eye candy with YOU for reading it all :) Love ya! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I love this post. I totally agree. Happy Valentines Day!

  3. We are actually the exact same! Don't get me wrong, I would love for my husband to come home with a fabulous gift and gorgeous flowers (oh, and some delicious wine) but at the end of the day, it shouldn't be something that only happens on that day, right?? I mean - he should do this on a regular basis! Ha!!! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day friend!! I am loving the heart cookie pan!!


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