Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Round Up

Hi Friends! I hope your Monday was normal and painless! I apologize for the late post today. The Husband came down with a little stomach bug so I spent the last half of the weekend making sure he was ok and had everything he needed. Thankfully, he's better today. Whew. Glad that's behind us. Now for the Weekend Round Up!

The weekend started off with a bang! We met up with three other couples for some good 'ole Mexican food (I know you're surprised!) and fellowship. We had a great time and it was wonderful to catch up.  Remember that shirt I picked up from the Gap? I finally had a chance to wear it! I ended up adding a skinny gold braided belt and I think it really added that extra touch to the outfit. What do you think?

Oh and you know we had margaritas!

Saturday we woke up to a few snow flurries and I was able to break out a few of my winter essentials. We had a nice lunch, ran a few errands, which was followed by some couch time. 

So vintage and a little "Downton," don't you think?

Saturday night we met a fellow blogger and her beau for dinner and drinks. It was a fun night indeed! Here are a few snapshots from our dinner...

 {La Quercia Aglianco}
This wine is delicious. 
In a nutshell: easy to drink, on the lighter side of reds, and a little tartiness at the end. 
So good!

 {Crab Cakes}

{Seared Scallops}

{Pumpkin Creme Brulee}

As mentioned above, Sunday was a bust but all in all, it was a great weekend! I hope you had a fabulous weekend.
Only a few more days until we get another one! 

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  1. You look great as always friend! I love the Gap top! I am also just loving your hat and gloves! I hope the husband is feeling better! So glad that Monday is over! :)

  2. that shirt is adorable! I love it! and that food looks delicious!

  3. The hat & gloves are adorable! Sorry your husband got sick, hope he's feeling better!

  4. Lovin' that blouse, I got one yesterday!!:)

  5. Love the polka dot top - you pulled it off wonderfully!


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