Thursday, April 11, 2013

Neutral Dots

It's no secret that I love shoes...just ask my Husband. It's a love that started a long time ago at a very young age. 
I'm always on the hunt for neutrals and staples that I can rotate into my wardrobe. 
Although these darling shoes feature a pattern, they are a neutral in my book. 
Pair them with any color, any season. You can't go wrong!

Meet my latest crush...

Weighing in at a very reasonable price, these may just find their way into my closet. 
I think I have room for one more pair! 

Shoes really do make an outfit. Agreed?
So what do you think? Neutral or not so much?

Have a lovely day, dolls. 


  1. Love neutral! Please get these...and maybe more than one pair! :) I completely agree that shoes make (and can break) a great outfit!! Happy Friday Eve friend!!


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