Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Weekend

Hi Friends! I hope you had a great Monday! Our weekend went by really fast and then it was off to the city for work. 
I was able to snap a few pictures so here's a quick recap...

Friday night we joined our small group for a little outing at Fernbank Museum. We went for Martinis and IMAX but ended up skipping the movie and visited instead. We laughed, danced and caught up. 
It was a fun night and good times were had by all! 

I wore an old BCBG royal blue dress and found this ring in the back of my jewelry box. I probably haven't worn it since last summer. It was like it was new all over again. Love it when that happens! Royal blue is one of my favorite colors to wear but it made me realize, I really need a tan! 
Hurry up, summer! 

Saturday was full of errands in the rain. I sported a messy top knot for a messy afternoon. 
Excuse the blurry pic. 

We grabbed brunch at a neighborhood favorite, ran a few errands and 
spent the rest of the afternoon/evening on the couch. 

Saturday night it rained like crazy so we decided to stay in. We ordered a pizza and watched The Count of Monte Cristo. I forgot how great that movie was! The ultimate story of revenge. 
So entertaining and much better than the book (in my opinion!).

After church on Sunday, I was off to the airport for a week long business trip. I hated to leave The Husband but I made sure to treat myself when I got to the hotel. 
My consolation: a delicious tuna tartare dish at Sole Food!  

There you have our weekend. Not too exciting but that's ok with me. 
Have a great Tuesday, loves! 


  1. Yummy looking food there! And I love that ring!

  2. Your ring is gorgeous! We ate at Another Broken Egg when in Houston last weekend. It was really good! Hope your week away goes quickly so you can get back home to your hubby!

  3. I love your chic top knot!! Mine does not look nearly so cute, tutorial please;)


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