Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Weekend

The Husband and I decided to slip away to the coast this weekend.
We were craving more time with my family and of course, some salt air.
The forecast called for better weather there than in Atlanta so we hit the road for some fun in the sun!
Here's our weekend in photos...
It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and we took full advantage.
We took an afternoon boat ride with my parents and soaked up all the sun we could.
The breeze was heavenly and the tide was high. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

Boat Drinks!

When Tropical Storm Andrea blew through last week, she brought lots of rain. But the result of all that rain was just beautiful. My parent's yard is full of gorgeous summer blooms.
This hydrangea is huge and the color so vibrant. This pic doesn't do it justice!

My mom's herb are flourishing too!
I picked some basil and hope to create a pesto dish this week.

We spent Sunday on the dock soaking up the sun and beautiful scenery. We also did a little daydreaming and cloud spotting. I spy South you?

Oysters in their natural habitat just off our dock.

My parents prepared a delicious dinner for us before we headed back to Atlanta.
We had the most scrumptious Wild Georgia Shrimp and fresh Mahi grilled to perfection.
I wish I had some right now!

As always, the weekend was too short and our trip was much too quick.
However, I see many more weekends just like this one in our future.
I'm so happy it's summer!
Have a great Monday, friends!



  1. I love all these pics! Sounds like you two had a great time!


  2. What a FANTASTIC weekend you had! Everything looks beautiful. Oh what fun :)

  3. Nothing is better than the salt air. I am heading that way Friday. PS- you are gorgeous.

  4. What a perfect weekend! Looks and sounds like a blast :)
    So do you eat those oysters? That would be nice if they're just hanging out for ya!

    Thanks for linking up.


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