Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Skin :: Eucerin Review

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Eucerin to review some of their products. I love trying new products so naturally, I was thrilled! Growing up on the coast, spending time in the sun was/is a favorite past time and something I do every chance I get. However, I take sun safety and skincare very seriously. Regular dermatologist visits and diligently applying my SPF daily is a must. I was super pleased to learn that many Eucerin products contain SPF 15 or higher AND actually repair skin instead of just providing a temporary fix. Sweet! Read on for my reviews...

The Daily Protection is a great go-to for just that...daily protection against harmful UV rays. Whether hanging out by the pool or riding around in a car with the sunroof open, we are all exposed to harmful UV rays on a daily basis. This all over body lotion provides an SPF of 15 and moisturizes all at the same time. A first class winner in my book!

Free from fragrances, this soothing repair lotion is good for the whole body too. Itchy, dry knees, elbows, etc.? No problem. Formulated for sensitive skin, this product is perfect for eliminating and soothing all those dry areas, while healing at the same time. Done and done!

I like to think of this lotion as middle of the road in terms of weight. It's not too heavy but not too light. Great for long lasting moisture without leaving a greasy, thick feeling. It smooths out those rough areas and repairs at the same time. The Husband really likes this one too. Use it once a day for lasting hydration. As The Husband says...this one is a "one and done" in terms of application! Boys...they keep it so simple! 

It's hard to pick a favorite of all these products but this one might be it. I have sensitive skin and need something with SPF that's gentle and won't break me out. It's difficult to find a moisturizer that meets both criteria...until now. This SPF 30 rocked my world! I love wearing this lotion under my makeup and especially when I'm headed to the pool. 

I fell head over heels for this lotion last month while in California. I love CA but let's face it, it's dry out there! This product has taken up a permanent residency on my nightstand. I use lotion every night on my feet and hands, and this one really ups the ante for repairing dry skin. Nobody likes rough hands and feet, especially before bed. 
So why not do a little repair work while you sleep?

All of these products are truly fantastic. I have really enjoyed all of them and I'm so glad Eucerin gave me the opportunity to share my opinions with you. I hope you will check out some of these great products too!

*Disclaimer: All of these products were sent to me for review purposes. I never endorse any products I don't truly love. All opinions here are my own

Happy Friday Eve, y'all! :)
I'll see you back here tomorrow for a little fashion!


  1. I love the Eucerin products! Their lotions are so rich and healing with all of the hand-washing I do! :)

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