Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Travel Crush

I've spent a lot of time traveling this year and I'm always looking for new bags that will make my airport experience seamless and stylish. When traveling for business, I try to keep things sleek which many times means black. That is until now. Check out these fashionable travel essentials that are sure to jazz up any overhead bin. 
I can't get enough of this pattern. Perfect for a weekend trip or a carryon. 

Although this bag is described as an oversized mens tote, I think it makes a pretty sophisticated laptop bag.

Great for everyday and big enough for travel of all kinds. I'm digging the rich color!

I usually pack a smaller bag for the duration of my trip. This one is perfect and will easily fit into any suitcase or duffle. 

I'm loving this entire collection but especially these bags. 
Are you crushing on Phillip Lim for Target?

Have a great Wednesday!

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