Friday, February 7, 2014

Cozy Up

These winter temps don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I was hoping we were in the home stretch for cold weather but sadly, that's not the case. I am by no means a fan of cold weather. Sure, I love a feminine coat as much as the next girl but, I do not enjoy the cold. I know other parts of the country have had it way worse than us Southerners but regardless, I'm not cut out for winter weather. Plain and simple. That being said, I thought I'd bring you some darling sweaters, perfect for cozying up this time of year.

Have a warm weekend, ladies! 


  1. These are all so unique! I am loving the bottom two. So pretty!

  2. i want that floral one!! why is it so expensive? :) maybe target has a copy version!

  3. Thanks for joining the Friday's Fab Favorites link up, I was a co-host last week and I'm trying to read every post! I didn't even realize those were hearts on the one sweater until I saw your caption, I love that!

  4. I'm totally crushing on the flower sleeve sweater from JCREW. Adorable!


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