Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Music Tuesday

Rarely do I ever blog about music which is strange because it's actually a huge part of who I am. Today one of my fave artists releases a new album and I can't wait! The Husband and I were early fans of Ray LaMontagne mostly due to our favorite Mainer, thanks, BAP! :) And our love for Ray has grown with each album. It's been a few years (August 2010) since his last album, God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise, and we've been clamoring for this one since rumors of a spring 2014 release hit the internet.

The early reviews of Ray's new album are nothing short of fantastic. From what I hear, the entire album is a new twist on his folk-rock style. We pre-ordered through itunes and the title track, Supernova is indeed different from his previous work. I can't wait to see what else this album has in store. So in honor of Ray's new release, take a listen to Supernova...

If you enjoy Ray's music, don't miss an opportunity to see him live. He has true talent, I tell ya, and you won't be disappointed! Already a fan? What do you think of Supernova
Have a great Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Just saw an article about this one in Rolling Stone. Looking forward to checking it out.


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