Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Even If You Don't Need It

Last night I was quietly perusing emails and this beauty came out of nowhere. Very rarely do I make a snap decision like the one I made last night. But, the second I clicked through and saw the detail on this dress, I knew it had to take up residence in my closet. Do I need another black dress? Absolutely not. Do I need a black lace, a line cocktail dress that can be machine washed? You bet your sweet booty I do. 

This dress is everything you could possibly want in a LBD and more. The back is absolutely divine. Unfortunately, I couldn't grab an image of the back so you'll have to click through to experience the awesomeness that is a lace back. And the cherry on's less than $100. Wait, did you read that? Yes, 88 bucks and worth every penny. So what are you waiting for? GO. GET. HER.

Have a fantastic Wednesday, oh, and happy October! 

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