Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm Back + Break Out The Blankets

Hello there and Happy November! I bet y'all thought I was gone for good, didn't you? The truth is, I have been so busy with my day job (which I love, BTW), there's been no time for blogging. Long days and long nights make for one tired girl. That being said, this little ole blog has definitely been neglected however, not far from my mind. I've missed blogging and I've missed you. Hopefully you are still with me!

So, I'm back and you may have noticed this space got a little face lift. I hope you like it! This format is so much cleaner and I think it will be a lot easier to absorb content without a lot of distractions. There's still a little work to be done but it's complete for the most part. I hope you'll take a look around.

Moving right along...temps took a nose dive this weekend and that took us all by surprise here in Savannah. We've been cruising along at 80+ degrees since September and I don't think any of us were ready to break out the jackets, much less turn on the heat. And chances are, it will be back to the 80s by week's end. Welcome to the South. That's how Mother Nature rolls down here.

Needless to say, blanket scarves are on my mind, even if just for a few days. I wore the fire out of a black and white one I picked up at Gap last year and I'm so glad they are plentiful again this season. Here are a few favorites, one of which has already made it's way into my closet. So many scarves, so little time!

A big thanks to my sweet friend, Nicole, for introducing me to this beauty. I ordered it and let me tell you, it's just as cute in person as it is on line. And for less than $20, it was SO easy to click, click, click, and make it mine.

Hope you have a toasty Monday. I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow!

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  1. You're going to love your scarf, and I'm all about these picks. I think I need another blanket scarf...or two...or three.


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